Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Medal Of Honor

I played the new Medal Of Honor beta last night for the first time. While it was a fun game it wasn't any thing we hadn't seen before. They call it the new MOH but it looks more like Call Of Duty MW2, that being said, the game is something I think most people that like a good FPMS( First person military shooter) are going to love this game. It's way too early to compare this game to games like, Battlefield Bad Company 2.
  The one map in the Multiplayer beta is Kabal City Ruins. It seems very small to even be mentioned in the same breath as a game the caliber of BBC2. I did think the game was fun and very playable, the controls are solid after you get use to them. So to sum it up, if your a fan of CODMW2 or FPMS's in general you and all your gaming buddies will love this game! If your a hardcore BBC2 gamer than this title may not be for you.
 Overall I give it an 8.5 Out of 10.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Best Sellers List!

Starcraft 2 sold more than 1.5 Million copies, if you think that is impressive, you are gonna love this. The first 1.5 Million copies of the game were sold in the first 48hrs of it's launch date, making it the fastest selling strategy games of all time.
 I have not played the game yet but with numbers like that I'm sure it will be worth a look.


Brett Favre announced his retirement today, the veteran QB decided to call it quits on Tue August 3. His 17 year long career comes to an end, maybe. He is always changing his mind. Well anyways he will be missed if he does in fact retire. He gave football fans a average Joe hero,
 I hope you enjoy the rest of your life Brett and I hope you don't become another boring ESPN analyst.

Madden 2011

I have always loved Madden games, so I recently downloaded the new demo. I was not really that impressed with it, you know the old saying don't fix something if it's not broken That's what I would have to say about the kicking mechanics. I mean why change something that worked so well? I have to mention the lack of a sprint button why would you want to run so slow returning a kick?
 I think Madden 2011 shows a lot of promise when it comes to the new locomotion feature and the way they reorganized the on field play calling. However it will take some getting use to. Madden vets may not like the new Game Flow option myself included all it is is a coach's pick system. I don't want someone else calling my plays that's why I play the game is to be the coach!
 Maybe I'm being a little harsh but I think that a lot of you are going to agree with me. On a brighter note the graphics are very impressive, the tackles seem more realistic than ever. I didn't totally hate the game on a scale of 1-10 I would give the Demo about a 6.
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Our New Forum! 
This is a forum that my best friend and I started, we had an idea where we would merge video games and technology, to create a great place to share, and ask questions.
 One of My Favs!
 We have at least 3 members that are certified IT professionals, We welcome any questions about games, computers, servers, etc. You can also share any new game trailers via the youtube uBBc coded link in the posting board. Just put the URL to the video you want to share in between the brackets! It's easy and creates an instant video in the forum. There is also a live chat window at the bottom of every page, if you have a problem for which you need real time assistance, post a message us telling us a time when you will be online and we will do our best to help you. There is a wide array of things to talk about on our forum any thing from sports to linux.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


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